About Red Light Therapy Advisor

Helping consumers make more informed buying decisions by providing reviews, ratings, articles on the topic topic of light therapy and the increasing science behind it.

Two years ago I came dangerously close to becoming insulin resistant. This resulted in some unwanted symptoms including metabolic issues and trouble sleeping to name a couple. Light and red light therapy has helped me tremendously on my road to wellness.

It took a lot of research and digging to find the products that work, and continue to work, so well for me. I created this website and have attracted a team to work with me as a way of helping other people save time as they navigate into the world of light therapy, while also providing education on what we believe to be the best products on the market.

Please be advised we are not medical professionals. For this reason, this website was never meant to be used as a substitute for sound medical or professional advice.

You are responsible for your health so we always encourage you to speak to your doctor or health professional before introducing the types of therapies discussed on this website, or any therapies for that matter, into your life.

Be well and happy lighting!


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