Sleep Savior Ultra

These wraparound blue and green light blocking glasses are excellent for before sleep. These deep red lens glasses block out 99.9% of harmful blue AND green light.  If you’re using them to wind down in the evening or rest your eyes after a long day at the computer like me, you want something that wraps around and covers your whole field of vision so no other lighting gets through.

The  Sleep SAVIOR ® ULTRA glasses are super comfortable and  ship with a dust bag and chamois cloth.

Key Benefits

  • Blocks blue light: 99.9% from 450-495 nm
  • Blocks all green light: 99% of from 495-570 nm
  • UV Blocking: Completely blocks UV rays from 280-400nm
  • Excellent customer service
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Sample Buyer Review

Love them! They have definitely improved my sleep. I wear them a couple of hours before bed. I often feel myself getting sleepy after I have had them on my 30 – 60 minutes. Thank you!

Cyclops blue blocker glasses by EMR-TEK



This is one my favorite pairs of blue-green glasses. The frames are crafted from magnesium alloy which has very low conductivity and has a stronger per unit volume than than aluminum, titanium and steel, yet is lighter than all three.

These feel weightless on my face and are great for cutting down on blue light in the evenings. They’re one of the most stylish pair of shades I own so I can also wear them out for casual wear or something active like playing beach volleyball.

Key Benefits

  • Blocks blue light
  • Blocks green light
  • Super light frames made from magnesium allow
  • Best in the world customer service
  • 100% money back guarantee

Sample Buyer Review

I’ve tried several pairs of blue blocking glasses and EMR-Tek Cyclops are top of the line and an affordable price. The owner has the best intentions and provides high quality products that work! I wear these everynight and they block out all blue and green light. Best out there!

Sleep Savior® Deluxe

The Sleep Savior® Deluxe are especially designed to protect your eyes from digital fatigue and extended screen exposure.

The contoured frame and snug fit gives you even better light protection than the Sleep Savior® Ultra which are amazing. The lens is a hybrid between their orange and red lens so they block out more blue light than day blue blockers but cause considerably less color distortion than the red night edition.

Key Benefits

  • % blue light blocked: 99.9% from 450-495 nm
  • % green light blocked: 0.23%-49.5%
  • UV Blocking: 99.9% from 280-400nm
  • Excellent customer service
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Sample Buyer Review

I love my glass because they look nice, they are not too dark and with my computer I can see better with it, plus in the day time it make a sunny day look sunnier and a cloudy day look sunny.

Storm Glasses by EMR-TEK
The Storm Glasses are the highest quality and sexiest combo of blue and green blocking glasses on the market as far as we can tell.

On top of being the most stylish and super cool we’ve come across (they are affectionately referred to as the Ozzy Osbourne model in our office). This particular pair doesn’t completely cover the eye so there are better pairs if you’re looking for glasses to use primarily as a sleep aid. BUT, if you want high level protection and you’ve gotta look good while doin’ it, these babies will do the job for ya!

Key Benefits

  • Block all blue and green light
  • Real 24K gold plated
  • Sexy as all hell!
  • Best in the world customer service
  • Great feel
Uvex Skyper Blue Blockers

Affordable and functional. If you’re on a tighter budget and are looking for just something to help cut down on the amount of blue light you take in at night, these are great because they absorb 98%+ of blue light emitted from laptops, computers, iPads etc.

I have a couple of pairs of these and use them on evenings where I need to see stuff with a little less color distortion than my Sleep Saviors (see higher up on this list).  Can’t beat the price and if you’re an Amazon Prime member, all the faster for shipping.

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