The Most Powerful Red Light/Near Infrared Light Combo in its Class

The EMR FIREWAVE is built to last and priced to suit any budget.

Featuring a built-in fan, this little powerhouse boasts a beautiful 236 watts of red light split between 50% red light and 50% near infrared, making it the ideal purchase for those wanting to enjoy the many benefits of red light therapy at home.

What I love most about it is it’s versatility. You can use it for skin or deep tissue healing or for ambient lighting. The two switches on the back make it easy to control the amount of red light that comes out of it.

Three of the Most Studied Red Light Wavelengths

The EMR FIREWAVE features three of the most studied wavelengths regarding health. The red light output for each is as follows:

  • 25% of 630 nanometres – where orange meets red on the spectrum
  • 25% of 670 nanometres – well into the red spectrum
  • 50% pf 830 nanometres – near-infrared

Each of the 12 smaller lights emits 3 watts of power, while the center globe puts out an amazing 200 watts of red light power.  In the early morning I often turn it on and point it at the wall. Gives me the perfect kind and amount of lighting to get around without blasting blue/green light everywhere.

Incredibly Low Flicker Rate

One of the main reasons we love the FIREWAVE by EMR-TEK is because of it’s low flicker rate. 

Achieving a low flicker rate is a real problem in the light industry and can have some adverse effects in terms of health.

EMR reports that the when measured with a UPR spectrometer, the flicker rate came in between 0.7%-1.4%. You can see this actual test in EMR’s video below.

Easy to Stay out of the FIREWAVE’s EMF Range

This powerful little unit makes it easy to stay out of the EMF range, which was measured at approximately 5.5″.  It also has a low magnetic and electric field, adding to the unit’s safety.

FIREWAVE’s Beam Angle

Most of the red light therapy devices on the market have a beam angle of between 90 and 120 degrees. This means the therapeutic power of the light decreases considerably the further you position yourself from the device. In many cases you have to get quite close to the light source.

The Fire-Wave has a beam angle of 60 degrees, which meansyou can position yourself further away from the device and still get all the therapeutic affects.

Final Thoughts

This is one of the best entry level red lights we’ve come across. If you’re looking for a great all around light that you can use for skin or deep tissue healing or for ambient lighting, you’d do well to choose the FIREWAVE by EMR-TEK.

Fire-Wave by the beach

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